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Life Analytics + Inspiring Content = a Better You

Understand Your Emotional Reactions

by mindtagging your feelings and emotions the moment they appear and understanding what triggers you through a guided reflection.

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Increase Your

through powerful statistics, discovering the core reasons for your emotions, and being able to take action for your personal growth every day.

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Gain Empowerment to Change Your Life

through stimulating and actionable content shared in Quotes, Insights, Actions and Inspiration Cards and opening your path to mindfulness.

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We Want to Show Appreciation for Teachers and to Help Them Navigate this Difficult Time

Let’s face it, COVID 19 and school reopenings have placed teachers – a group with an already tough job – in a precarious position mentally and physically. We completely understand the difficulties and we want to help safeguard the mental health of teachers everywhere. So, if you’re a teacher, we just need a bit of info from you and we’ll give you our app for free for a year. The offer is limited till the end of October 2020 only.

force4change is an ideal tool to help people in need and under stress gain self knowledge to help them overcome trying times.

Teachers, we’re grateful for all you do and we hope you will let us give you a little something in return.

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Our Secret Weapon: Mindtagging

The app’s life analytics and machine learning mean that we can help you out in a pinch, when you need a quick way to get back into a good headspace. Quantifying your emotions and the causal factors behind them also makes us a great tool for longer term self improvement.

Central to our app and approach are what we call “mindtags” – basically short captures of your emotions and their underlying causes throughout the day. Adding a mindtag takes less than a minute and logging an entry with multiple mindtags takes 1-3 minutes and is dead simple.

Mindtagging allows us to gain a full picture of you that gets richer and more helpful over time. As you enter more mindtags and your reflection collection grows, details and patterns emerge that would otherwise get lost in the buzz of life.

Mindful Transformation Driven by Effort and Tech

While we’re all about inner peace, pretty lotus flowers, and helping you be the best you, we believe foremost in the power of sustained, regular effort to unlock self knowledge.

And yes, we have fancy algorithms and life analytics to help us paint the picture that is you, but at the end of the day you get to the good stuff via regular mindtagging. There’s no magic bullet without effort and all the sexy tech in the world doesn’t change that.

Coaching Experience

Here is a sneak peek of tools and resources for personal growth you will have access through force4change app.

  • Journaling
  • Reflection
  • Affirmation
  • Focus
  • Daily Joy
  • Beyond Limits
  • Habitual Inventory
  • Creating Balance
  • Building Confidence
  • Meditation
  • Intuition
  • Gratitude
  • Productivity
  • Transformation
  • Creativity
  • Procrastination
  • Curiosity
  • Building Boundaries
  • Watershed
  • SWOT
  • Time Management